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Black History Legends Nuggets

December 8th, 1850
First woman to graduate college was Lucy Ann Stanton. She received a Bachelor of Literature Degree from Oberlin College in Ohio.

December 6th, 1849
Harriett Tubman escaped from slavery in Maryland.

December 5th, 1935
Mary McLeod Bethune, educator, founded National Council Negro Women.

November 5th, 1836
Theo Wright becomes first black person to get a Theology Degree in the US.

October 14th, 1964
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. awarded Nobel Peace Prize.

October 12th, 1932
Activist, Richard (Dick) Gregory was born.

February 1, 2011
Jesse Jackson, (Minister, Civil Rights Leader, Political Activist) born in Greenville, SC.

September 21st, 1872
John Henry Conyers of South Carolina became the first black student at Annapolis Naval Academy.

September 1st, 1867
Robert T. Freeman first black person to graduate from Harvard Dental School.

February 1, 2011
July 28th, 1963

June 1, 1843
Sojourner Truth left New York and began her career as an antislavery activist.

May 7th, 1976
William H. Hattie inaugurated as the first black governor of the Virgin Islands.

May 3rd, 1845
Macon B. Allen, first black lawyer, admitted to the bar. (Passed exam at Worcester, MA).

April 20th, 1853
Harriet Tubman starts the Underground Railroad.

April 5th, 1856
Booker Taliaferro Washington (Booker T. Washington) born to slaves in Halesford, VA.

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) born.
Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) born.


Throughout the United States and the world, powerful and notable contributions have been made by African Americans/Blacks.

Events such as the 1966 March Against Fear, encouraging voting rights for Blacks/African Americans, the March On Washington, in 1941, advancing economic and civil rights for African Americans/Blacks, and the March On Washington in 1963 where "I Have a Dream" resonated from the Lincoln Memorial - these events would not have graced the world had it not been for such legends as James Meredith, A. Philip Randolph, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Many great heroes, along with many great heroines, pioneered advancements for all Americans. Through much perseverance and unparalleled determination, African Americans/Blacks have fought for the freedoms and civil rights of all people. Legends such as Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey stayed the course through storms of racism, bigotry, and degradation to help bring many to the other side, to a life of dignity and equality.